Kendo Kashin

 photo 8ec2ade3_zps06b472be.jpgケンドー・カシン
Real Name
石澤常光 Tokimitsu Ishizawa
August 5, 1968 in Minamitsugaru-gun, Tokiwa Village, Aomori, Japan.
Trained by
Akira Ota, Hiroshi Hase, and Dean Malenko
September of 1992 as Tokimitsu Ishizawa against Koji Kanemoto.
Signature Moves
Cross Arm Lock
Jumping Cross Arm Lock
Avalanche style Jumping Cross Arm Lock
Victor style Cross Arm Lock
Rope Capture style Cross Arm Lock
Kashin stye Tarantula (Triangle Sleeper over the ropes)
Modified Campana
Cross Knee Lock
Triangle Choke
KV Knee Lock (Kashin Victory or Knee Lock IV)
Rolling Cradle
Flying Neckbreaker Drop
Kachiage style Elbow Smash (European Uppercut)
Mount Palm Strikes
Jigoku Tsuki (Hell Thrust)
Vertical Drop style Brainbuster
Swivel style Brainbuster
Low Altitude style Brainbuster
Rope Assisted style Brainbuster
Fireman’s Carry
Reverse DDT
Sneek Attack
Championships and Accomplishments
IWGP Junior Heavyweight Champion (34th, 41st generations)
IWGP Junior Tag Team Championship (pw/ Doctor Wagner Jr. , 2nd generation)
World Jr. Heavyweight Champion (20th)
World Tag Champion (50th w/ Yuji Nagata)
CWA World Junior
EWP Intercontinental
Dawned the mask after an expedition to Europe and Germany in July of 1996. Otto Wangz would be influential in requesting Ishizawa to wear a mask and was named Kendo Kashin.

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