AJPW More History and Info

The Major American/Foreign Talent to compete in All Japan (via first appearance)
Bruno Sammartino [October 1972]
Fred Blassie [October 1972]
Terry Funk [October 1972]
The Destroyer [December 1972]
Abdullah the Butcher [December 1972]
Don Leo Jonathan [January 1973]
Wilbur Snyder [January 1973]
Harley Race [February 1973]
Pat O’Connor [February 1973]
Bobo Brazil [February 1973]
Mark Lewin [March 1973]
King Curtis Iaukea [March 1973]
The Sheik [April 1973]
Killer Karl Kox [June 1973]
Dory Funk, Jr. [July 1973]
Dick Murdoch [October 1973]
Mil Mascaras [October 1973]
Killer Kowalski [December 1973]
Fritz Von Erich [December 1973]
Jack Brisco [January 1974]
Jean Kiniski [February 1974]
Mr. Wrestling (Tim Woods) [April 1974]
Pedro Morales [May 1974]
Danny Hodge [July 1974]
Dick Slater [August 1974]
Jimmy Snuka [November 1974]
Dick the Bruiser [April 1975]
Chavo Guerrero (Sr.) [July 1975]
Stan Hansen [September 1975]
Dusty Rhodes [November 1975]
Baron Von Raschke [December 1975]
Horst Hoffman [December 1975]
Wahoo McDaniel [February 1976]
Verne Gagne [March 1976]
Bill Robinson [July 1976]
Ted DiBiase [August 1976]
Prince Tonga (King Haku) [July 1977]
Ric Flair [April 1978]
Killer Tor Kamata [May 1978]
Dos Caras [August 1978]
Nick Bockwinkel [December 1978]
Bruiser Brody [January 1979]
Kevin Von Erich [May 1979]
David Von Erich [May 1979]
Rick Martel [February 1980]
Ricky Steamboat [November 1980]
Tiger Jeet Singh [July 1981]
Gypsy Joe [August 1981]
Tommy Rich [February 1983]
Kerry Von Erich [March 1983]
Terry Gordy [August 1983]
Barry Windham [November 1983]
Dynamite Kid [November 1984]
Davey Boy Smith [November 1984]
Hawk Warrior [March 1985]
Animal Warrior [March 1985]
Giant Kamala [August 1985]
John Tenta [July 1986]
Silver King (Doctor Wagner Jr.) [October 1987]
Danny Spivey [May 1988]
Johnny Ace [August 1988]
Danny Kroffat [October 1988]
Doug Furnas [October 1988]
Johnny Smith [February 1989]
Steve Williams [February 1990]
Andre the Giant [April 1990]
Bam Bam Bigelow [June 1990]
Giant Kamala (II) [September 1990]
George Hines (The Eagle) [January 1992]
The Patriot [May 1992]
Rob Van Dam [February 1993]
Jim Steele [November 1994]
Gary Albright [October 1995]
Big Van Vader (Vader) [May 1998]
The Gladiator (Mike Awesome) [May 1998]
Mike Barton [November 1998]
2 Cold Scorpio [August 1999]
———————————– Following the AJPW/NOAH split.


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