Information regarding Advertising and or Donations

There are spots open on the website for all sorts of advertising. If you are the owner of a pro wrestling, MMA, or are in someway connected to pro wrestling, I would be willing to offer you a spot along the right column of the site or at the bottom to promote your very own website for a very small monthly or yearly fee.
Also, if you run a fanpage for a certain wrestler that has a “profile” here on the site, we might be able to work something out there as well.

As of right now, I have at least 4 spots open on the site for two on the side and two at the bottom of the site. Since day one this site has had a position dedicated to IVPvideos, a site which deals directly in pro wrestling DVD’s. The banner has seen a lot of activity over the years and has been the main aid in providing the proper funds to keep the server network running as smooth as possible.
All you need is a picture that advertises what your site is about and we can move on from there. I am not out for money, but more or less looking for a way to break even on server costs. The idea to begin is that we can run a trial for the first month for a small (negotiable) fee. Then if you see any boost in activity we can choose to continue on with the partnership.

Some of the sites statistics, as of February 2013, are as follows.
WEBSITE: Averages 14,000 visitors a month and 25,000 reads a month (These numbers tend to change depending on the bigger shows in a given month)
FACEBOOK: 2,400+ likes and 5,000+ people reached weekly.

The site currently costs $35 a year to maintain. This goes $15 to renew the dedicated url, with the other $20 going security and maintenance for the site.

If you are interested in this idea at all? Please feel free to send me an email at….
PuroSpirit AT gmail DOT com

I also have a donation spot setup on the bottom of the site, there is a yearly upkeep on the site, and if you wish to contribute in that manner I would be very grateful.
You can either follow the PAYPAL link below or send it to my email direct @ purospirit AT gmail DOT com
For those who donate and have a blog or website they wish to promote. I will promote your site right here below the donation spot to thank you for keeping Puroresu Spirit alive.


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