3 comments on “NJPW [Wrestling Dontaku] Results for May 3, 2012

  1. Honestly speaking do you think that Goto will ever win the IWGP Heavyweight title? He is considered one of the Four Heroes, has an impressive record and several victories over some great competitors as well as three New Japan Cup wins. However, he always falls short of the big one. Someone said that Goto would be the new Tenzan, always winning tournaments but not winning the main prize unless New Japan wanted to shift things around. They also said his Samurai type gimmick is holding him back as the other competitors have the Anime style looks and themes. He comes close and is an outstanding wrestler, but what’s your opinion?

    • He will win it one day, but as for when I have no idea at this point. Right now NJPW is going with Kazuchika Okada, who obviously held back at the WK show in January and was then let loose against Tanahashi a month later.
      Okada is probably their biggest created character in sometime now. Nakamura has shifted himself for more reasons than one, namely injuries that have set him back. Tanahashi has been his charismatic self for years now, and is there to feed the crowds with energy.
      Naito and Goto are pretty serious with their characters, not over the top, but building themselves up as wrestlers.
      I can say that Goto is not being held back that much for one he has won the G1 Climax, he won the NJC a total of 3 times now, and is the reigning IWGP IC Champion, you cannot really be against that a whole lot. Even someone as famous as Masahiro Chono never really had a strong run with the IWGP Heavy belt. His time will come eventually, and I am sure that NJPW will make his inevitable run worth something in the long run.
      Though I will say that I would have pulled the trigger a while back, but NJPW obviously has something planned, just hoping it will pay off in the end.

      • What’s your opinion on who the next champion will be? Tanahashi made the challenge, but I see Naito wearing the gold after Okada has his run.

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